The Garner Files: A Memoir

James Garner
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No markings of ANY kind. Seller Inventory This is a 1st Edition!!!!! This is a hardcover book with dust jacket. Seller Inventory HH1. Never used!. Seller Inventory P Pristine, unmarked. The late actor's reminiscences from his hard youth in Oklahoma through his Korean War experiences to his life as one of the most successful personalities in motion pictures and television. Seller Inventory NEW First Edition - may be Reissue. Ships with Tracking Number!

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Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. The Garner Files: A Memoir. James Garner ; Jon Winokur.

This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title After suffering physical abuse at the hands of his stepmother, Garner left home at fourteen. My thoughts on his appeal tended to focus on the visceral: the thousand-watt smile, the laugh that was actually endearing in those days, the intensity and drive in his eyes, and how his body seemed to never sit still.

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He was also relentlessly competitive, and gave off an aura of fearlessness. There was something dangerous about him, and he had a charisma that was equally apparent to men and women. The quintessential Tom Cruise character had all of those dazzling qualities, but he was also flawed.

He was wounded, vulnerable, even fragile; and it was this buried sadness that made him so alluring.

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The description of the breathtakingly exciting man who is carrying around some deep hurt is also an apt description of the most sexy and charismatic actors of my youth, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Indeed, most of the sexy men doing manly things in movies for the last fifty years fit this model. I do not think it applies to the previous generation, but that is another story.

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The Garner Files: A Memoir [Jon Winokur, James Garner, Julie Andrews] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Told in the charming and. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Narrator Michael Kramer effectively captures the actor's easygoing The Garner Files: A Memoir by [Winokur, Jon, Garner, James ].

And then there is James Garner. The lead in dozens of films and the star of two of the most successful TV series of all time— Maverick and Rockford Files —Garner created a very different and unusual kind of hero. Actors may not be the smartest people in the arts, but they usually have an understanding of their persona and its appeal. Garner is no exception. He understands that he created a kind of hero who thinks that aggressive and assertive masculinity is unnecessarily risky, and only a means of last resort.

His dazzle is less rooted in being dangerous than in his ability to talk or charm his way out of danger. He is the hero who saves the day with minimal displays of machismo. His self-deprecation reflects his self-confidence. His half-Cherokee mother died when he was five. His alcoholic father bounced between Norman, Oklahoma, where Garner and his two older brothers were raised largely by female relatives, and Los Angeles.

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El James Hardcover Books. Few know the real story, now told in this intimate memoir of growing up in Depression-era Oklahoma and triumphing in Hollywood. He was also relentlessly competitive, and gave off an aura of fearlessness. July 20, Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Television Hall of Fame Class of In the book titled TV The Book , film and television critic Matt Zoller Seitz stated that the series gave Garner "the role he was put on earth to play.

His father was irresponsible, inconsistent, and unreliable. She terrorized one of his brothers sexually and made Garner wear dresses in public.

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At the age of fourteen, after years of violence, Garner snapped, grabbed her in the middle of a beating, threw her to the ground, and began to strangle her. Thirty years later he still worried that she might come back into his life and shoot him. But after that explosion the marriage ended, to the great relief of all three brothers. Garner then moved back and forth between Norman and Los Angeles. He was in and out of high school in both places, had a stint in the merchant marine, went to University of Oklahoma to play football, was injured, joined the army in time to spend a year fighting in Korea, and in his mid-twenties tried some acting.

Small Broadway parts were followed by his career-making break as the lead in the TV western series Maverick. Bret Maverick was a professional gambler and card shark—smart, funny, immensely likable, able to fight when necessary, but preferring words and charm. But Warner Bros. Astonishingly, he quit the show after three seasons, sued Warner Bros.

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