Secrets of a Perfect Night

Secrets of a Perfect Night (Avon Romance)
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None had shared his, which fact had caused no little confusion and, even some annoyance. He was there, wasn't he? They expected him to perform, to live up to his, scandalous reputation, all for their amusement. The ton, as he well knew, could be a demanding world.

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They could demand all they liked-he was no longer interested in playing their games. Around him the countryside lay silent, a dappled world of dark browns and white, the bare branches of trees and the patches of cold earth contrasting against the light covering of snow.

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Start by marking “Secrets of a Perfect Night” as Want to Read: First, Stephanie Laurens enthralls us with a New Year′s scandal, when a rake awakens in the bed of the temptress who seduced him years before. Then, Victoria Alexander enchants with her tale of a love promised, then. Secrets of a Perfect Night and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Secrets of a Perfect Night Mass Market Paperback – December 5, This anthology of New Year's Eve celebration stories pairs Regency authors Stephanie Laurens and Victoria Alexander with.

There was more on the way but he knew whither he was headed, knew the road like the back of his hand. He was going home. He hadn't been back to Bellevere since burying his father nearly seven years before. His childhood home was like a ghost to him now, all the warm, happy memories overlaid by the acrimony and dissension of his father's last years.

His wildness was not something his father had understood, nor been able to counter; his sire's vain attempts at forcing his only son to toe his line had met with resistance and led to estrangement. Now he could admit that he regretted that break as bitterly as he'd at one time resented his father's wish to tame him. To change him. His father had failed, but so, too, had he. Bellevere had represented that failure; he'd closed the house, turned his back on it, and left it--his principal estate and ancestral home-to decay.

It was time to go back.

Time to rebuild. To pick up the shattered pieces of that earlier life and start again.

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And see what he could make of it this time. He'd accepted the Cavendish-Mayhews' invitation out of all those sent him for the simple reason that their house had been a perfect staging post for his drive down to Dartmoor.


From the first, he'd intended heading west when he, -left; he hadn't, however, expected to leave today--the day after the ball, the first day of the year. Then again, what better day to make a fresh start, with a whole new year stretching ahead of him? And it was his birthday as well--the first day of his fourth decade, he could only hope it would prove more fulfilling than the last. His mind full of memories, of prospects and plans, he drove on.

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Exeter was an hour behind them, the long climb up to the moor at their backs, when Bolt leaned close to shout over the whipping wind, 'Don't like the look of that up ahead. Now he lifted his gaze, and swore beneath his breath.

Secrets of a Perfect Night

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