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Numenera: The Night Clave
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Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Into the Night quantity. Description Additional information Reviews 0 Description Into the Night: The people of the prior worlds reached for the stars. Climb the Beanstalk, explore the Nightcraft, or step through the World Door.

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New creatures and NPCs, including the machine eater, the behemoth ulagra, and the murderous shadow of the void. Dozens of new cyphers and artifacts. Like the work of Kameron Hurley, this novel is bleak, full of tough-as-nails women willing to do what they must to survive, yet tells a universal story that many fantasy fans will relate to. Highly recommended! Read An Excerpt.

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Numenera - Into the Night - The Nightcraft

Add to Cart. About Numenera: The Night Clave Science fiction adventure in a decaying far future setting in the new tie-in novel from the popular Numenera tabletop and PC roleplaying games.

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Into the Night 3 Ben Wootten; Into the Night 1 Lee Smith; Into the Night 2 Through the magic of the numenera left behind by the ancients, the stars can be plied. Numenera Into The Night [Monte Cook Games] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Into the Night expands the setting of Numenera beyond.

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