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Innovation Elon Musk Share Subscribe. By Alasdair Wilkins on September 1, Sign up for our newsletter. Fantastic reading love everything about this book.

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I was excited to get to know Daniel Falcon more, and it sounded like it was going to be a sweet and steamy friend's little sister Romance. It just let me down though. Daniel and Madelyn run into each other when she's trying to escape the rain. There's an immediate chemistry between them, but Daniel has rules about hooking up with friends' family. But they can't keep their hands off of each other and one Unfortunately, Heart of the Falcon uses my least favorite Romance trope: Oops, I'm pregnant!

But they can't keep their hands off of each other and one thing leads to another.

Heart of the Falcon went down hill really fast. I knew I wasn't going to enjoy it as soon as there's no mention of a condom. A few pages later, Madelyn is sick and figures out that she's pregnant. He immediately says that he can't be the father and she's just like all of the other women who try to pin a baby on him in order to get his money. But oddly enough, when he realized that she was a virgin, he assumed that she was going to cling on to him, because women like her don't sleep around without getting attached.

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Start by marking “Heart of the Falcon” as Want to Read: Francis Ray was a New York Times and USA Today bestselling African-American writer of romance novels. Her literary fiction series – Taggart and Falcon, the Invincible Women, Grayson Family of New Mexico, and Grayson Friends. Heart of the Falcon book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Only one woman could win the Heart of the taodugahambui.gq her life.

And yet when she tells him about the pregnancy, he accuses her of jumping into bed with another man the very next night. Which is it? You can't have it both ways! Other than the poorly done surprise pregnancy plot I mean, use a freaking condom! I did admire Madelyn for taking responsibility and not letting Daniel make her feel badly. She also works hard and is moving up in her career. But not much happens.

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Madelyn goes about her business. Daniel flip flops about whether he should be taking care of her. Then they get married. There's also a bunch of filler involving Daniel's parents' struggling marriage, which I didn't care about. It seemed like a way to add more drama and some pages since it would be extremely short otherwise. I simply didn't care for Heart of the Falcon. Pregnancy plots are my absolute least favorite.

http://marsel.nichost.ru/modules/81.php I don't want the couple getting together just because there's a baby coming! There were times when I did believe that Daniel cared for Madelyn outside of the pregnancy, but it's still what drove them together in the end. Well, she had seen him. Once again, I can see why this contemporary romance made the grade. I enjoyed meeting Madelyn Taggart and Daniel Falcon. It was especially wonderful to meet a heroine who was very independent and took responsibilities for her actions.

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Although Taggart and Falcon did not have love at first sight, their tale was fun to read and I knew they would work it out. Francis Ray was a good writer. She wrote over 50 books and it appears that most of them have been very popular. Jul 31, Djdiamond22 added it.

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OMG this is the first book a read by farancis ray. Jan 26, Eshe rated it it was amazing.

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All I can say is Daniel and MAdeline!!!! Oct 13, Michelle Crawford rated it it was amazing. Job well done, again: If you like one of Francis Ray's novels then you'll pretty much like them all.

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Feb 04, Denise rated it it was amazing. Love the fact that its a Romance that makes you day dream about every sentence you read. I love it!!! Jul 27, London Hayes rated it it was amazing. I love this book. Aug 12, Darlene Dejohnette rated it it was amazing. Love these books. Francis Ray was a great writer!!!!!! Michael rated it it was amazing May 06,