Harvested Forages

Harvesting Impacts on Forage Quality
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Fiber and lignin

Harvested Forages deals with the subject of food for domestic animal feeding. Such food is called "forage" and includes things like alfalfa and other plants. Ideally, livestock could graze year round on lush green pastures. However, since there is no all-weather forage plant that produces high yields of top-quality feed.

Valio Ltd. The objective of this study was to evaluate two near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy NIRS applications and different laboratory methods for determining indigestible neutral detergent fibre iNDF and organic matter digestibility OMD of forage maize hybrids harvested at high latitudes.

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Different in situ and in vitro methods have been used in calibrations of NIRS for routine determinations of forage feed value in the Nordic countries. Digestibility was determined with least precision based on the enzymatic in vitro procedure.

Foraging- Harvesting Staghorn Sumac GardenFork

This combination […]. We had a study in and where we compared 20 alfalfa varieties with and without wheel traffic.

We cut at day and at day intervals. The yield data […].


Let's Stay Connected. Late harvesting decreases the crude protein content, dry matter digestibility and dry matter intake of the forage. Post-ensiling samples can be taken once the pile has been opened up for use, waiting until you have at minimum an 8 feet tall silo face to pull samples from. Animal affects include reduced feed intake and reduction of immune system which can result in increased milk cell count and predispositioning to numerous other diseases. Warm, mainly dry weather will continue through next week.

Adequate roughage is needed in diets to provide good rumen function, but as more […]. Forage growers frequently cut forages at a […].

Harvesting and Storage of Quality Hay and Silage

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