Grappling with Gravity: How Will Life Adapt to Living in Space? (Astronomers Universe)

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Nearing the end of his three-year shift, Sam gets into an accident that may jeopardize his chances of getting home on time. Of course, there are larger forces at play here, which Sam has yet to fully realize. Like many other titles on this list, Moon 's aesthetic and tone are reminiscent of , and the direction Sam's story evolves towards is just as unsettling as anything in Kubrick's masterpiece.

Moon was the directorial debut of Duncan Jones, who went on to direct other genre titles like the Warcraft film adaptation and the Netflix original cyberpunk film Mute. Suffice it to say there is a lot going on, most of it seriously tense and trippy. This was the third adaptation of Lem's iconic novel; previously it inspired a 60s made-for-TV movie and a film from acclaimed Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky.

Rethinking Reality: Space, Time and Gravity

Soderbergh's goal was for his adaptation to be more faithful to Lem's novel than the previous movies were. In one of the most incredible based-on-real-events space movies ever, Hidden Figures tells the true story of three Black female mathematicians who worked at NASA in the s as so-called 'human computers'. It stars Taraji P.

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The movie was based on Margot Lee Shetterley's nonfiction novel of the same name. If you thought journeying into space was easy The documentary uses a combination of archival footage, interviews, and visual effects to allow astronaut Eugene Cernan to relay the story of his trip to the Moon. Cernan passed away in , three years after the release of the documentary, which makes the film even more poignant.

The movie is a no-holds-barred exploration of how astronaut life influenced Cernan's relationships as his former wife says in the documentary, "If you think going to the moon is hard, try staying at home" , and of how Cernan himself influenced our path to the stars. Based on the novel of the same name by Carl Sagan, Contact follows Dr. Ellie Arroway, who, after finding evidence of extraterrestrial life in a distant solar system, is chosen to make the journey there. Since she was a young girl staring out through a telescope with her late dad, Ellie has been obsessed with exploring the potential of extraterrestrial life.

Now a researcher at SETI, her challenge is to make potential donors as passionate about the stars as she is. Her determination is rewarded when she intercepts a message she believes to be alien in nature. When the message is decrypted, it causes an international uproar: the message from outer space is a series of instructions for constructing a ship which will transport one human to the source of the transmission. Ellie's entire existence has led up to this moment, but despite her her role in the discovery, she may not be the human appointed for this historic voyage.

Featuring never-before-seen NASA footage from the Apollo missions, as well as interviews with the surviving astronauts of the era, In the Shadow of the Moon is fantastic in its own right, but also provides important scientific and real life context for many of the fictional sci-fi dramas on this list.

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You know what really sucks? When your crew leaves you for dead on Mars. The year is A NASA crew on a Mars mission are surprised by a deadly dust storm while on the surface of the planet. Believing astronaut Mark Watney Matt Damon to have died in the storm, the Ares crew abandons him on the red planet. Luckily, Watney is able to survive by growing his own food, while desperately trying to make contact with ground control to let them know he is still alive.

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Based on the novel of the same name by Andy Weir, it went on to win the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, long form, and received multiple Academy Award nominations. A fresh and funny hard sci-fi story, The Martin is a nice reprieve from the relentless drama of Gravity and some of the other titles on this list. This historical drama, based on the book by Tom Wolfe, tells the true story of the Navy, Marine, and Air Force pilots who tested the technology that would lead to the U.

Directed by Phil Kaufman, it stars Sam Shepard as Chuck Yeager, a veteran pilot unafraid to test the newest — and most dangerous — technology on Edwards Air Force base.

Like many of the movies about the space race on this list, The Right Stuff acknowledges both the bravery of our space explorers, and the cost the voyages had on their families. Sign up to get the best in sci-fi and science delivered straight to your inbox.

We must colonize space to preserve Earth

Aside from the mind-bending scientific accuracy and visual effects, Interstellar features both Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain together. Mind officially blown.

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Grappling with Gravity: How Will Life Adapt to Living in Space? (Astronomers' Universe) [Robert W. Phillips] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Grappling with Gravity explores the physiological changes that will occur in humans and the Astronomers' Universe Most books that cover the physiological effects living in space would have on humans and other life forms were written for.

Joseph struggles to protect his two children even as increasing climate disasters threaten humanity's survival. Labels: saturn , sky watch. Astro Madness.

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By Kadri. Book Review: Grappling with Gravity. Kepler Gets A New Mission! Jupiter's Great Red Spot is Shrinking. Book Review: Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Book Review: Incoming Asteroid. A Brown Dwarf Discovered Just 7. Best Time to Observe Saturn.

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The Astronaut's Playlist: Groovy Songs for Space Travelers

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