Eighth Grave After Dark (Charley Davidson, Book 8)

Eighth Grave After Dark: Charley Davidson #8 by Darynda Jones
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There are a few more answered about the Army and the Twelve but honestly some of that was just confusing, I had a hard time picking out who was supposed to be who.

antiquesfromdelft.com/modules/tibu-chloroquine-diphosphate.php I both liked and hated it for practically the same reason. But…I hope that it leaves a really good set up for book 9 which I will definitely read but no commitments past that. Charley used to run around town solving crime and getting into all sorts of trouble. Charley still gets into plenty of trouble even when on the ground but some of it just seemed stupid to me. I mean she just view spoiler [had a baby in a well and decides to go to hell to find a spirit. Where is that mothering instinct and need to protect herself so she can protect her child hide spoiler ].

There was a ton of time spent being all lovey dovey. Reyes is totally to most understanding a puppy love husband ever. I miss Reyes of books 3,4,5 and 7. He seems like he went from a Wild Tiger to a housecat. There was a little situation that was supposed to introduce some contrived tension between Reyes and Charley but that ended up being nothing at all in the end. It was almost like D. The ending is a little jumbled some big revelations are made. There was also the Denise of it.

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There is also the fact they had to give up their daughter to keep her safe. I understand it is really hard to go running around saving the world when you have a kid in tow but I still have iffy feelings on that currently. The story might have a more clear direction for the future. Reyes might get to be a PoV because of what happened there at the end and all in all things might shake out for the better.

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May 19, Ferdy rated it it was ok Shelves: decent-secondary-characters , bastard-hero , cheesy , dead-people , desperate-pathetic-heroine , douchery-afoot , good-but-also-bad , tstl-heroine , abusive-hero , urban-fantasy. And underneath all of Charley's idiocy and hornyness for Reyes there was actually a solid story. What I Liked: -Skipping ahead to the end of Charley's pregnancy. I really didn't want to read more than one book of Charley acting all cute and precoci 2.

I really didn't want to read more than one book of Charley acting all cute and precocious with her pregnancy.

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It was just a nice back drop to the comfortable dynamics and interactions that were going on between Charley's people. It was great how they'd all become close through Charley and were kind of like a family. Although, why did it take Mr Wong so long to actually do something to help and protect Charley?

Eighth Grave After Dark

How would standing in a corner help in any way? Also, liked the reasons behind Beep having to stop Lucifer instead of Charley. Also, it was quiet fitting and sweet how they got to have a second chance at being parents with Beep. I would have felt sorry for Reyes and Charley losing Beep, but both were too selfish to be good enough parents. In the last book they just began dating and in this one they were married. At the very least I wanted to read about Ubie's proposal, and whether he'd gotten advice from Charley or Reyes or if he asked Amber's permission before proposing.

I would have also liked to know about their home life - was Ubie even living with Cookie? How was his relationship with Amber like? Was he doing dad stuff with her? What I didn't like: -The case-of-the-week with the missing girl was really boring and felt out of place with everything else that was going on. Thankfully, it didn't take up too much page time and I did appreciate how it actually ended up serving a purpose and led to Charley visiting hell and finding out Lucifer was no longer there.

What the hell did that actually achieve story wise? His supernatural sexiness and the fact that every woman was horny for him had already been established a million books ago.

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It wasn't needed! Was that meant to be endearing or funny or cute? It wasn't. It was embarrassing and ridiculous. Denise had been nothing but vile to Charley for her whole life, she made her feel unwanted and unloved. That would have been bad enough but she also made sure that Charley felt like a freak and outcast all whilst showering all her motherly love on Gemma.

But Gemma acted like Charley was the one in the wrong and made her feel petty despite being the one who had grown up hated.

Review: Eighth Grave After Dark (Charley Davidson, #8) by Darynda Jones – Here's the Fucking Twist

Denise punishing Charley and being vile towards her and pushing her out of her own family for years and years was unforgivable. I hated how Denise was made out to be some poor, lonely, misunderstood victim and Charley the bad guy. Never mind that Charley was a child when she suffered all of Denise's vitriol, apparently it was still Charley's fault and she had to just get over it and be nice to Denise and let her be a part of her baby's life. Ugh, the whole thing was beyond fucked up and Gemma was seriously the worst sister ever. She didn't need to hate them or stay angry at them forever, but I at least expected her to always be at least a little bitter and resentful at them when there were legitimate reasons for it.

Forgiveness and closure doesn't equal forgetting everything and being all nicey nice and never having a bad thought or feeling about the person being forgiven. Charley would have been so much more interesting if she hadn't excused all the crap her parents had done over the years. What was wrong with her having a relationship with them without forgiving and forgetting all they'd done? A couple of heart to hearts and her mum and dad doing some basic parenting after years of crap parenting didn't erase all the hurt feelings and all their years of awfulness.

It was only Denise who was targeted by them, everyone else carried on with their lives like normal despite being leverage to get at Charley. The bad guys had so many opportunists to kill off or hurt Charley's friends but somehow nothing happened to them.

Was it meant to be sexy or something? Because it was more abusive and threatening than anything. He manhandled her and was violent around her, he was one step away from being a wife beater. The scene where they returned from hell was especially uncomfortable, he was so close to beating her bloody, if there hadn't been an audience he would have beaten the crap out of her.

What really took the piss though was Charley acting all apologetic and feeling guilty for going to hell even though she did it to save a young girl's life , she had every right to risk her own life and Reyes had no right getting all angry and righteous, especially when he was happily risking his own life throughout the book.

And why was Charley more concerned for Reyes's man-pain than his threatening behaviour towards her? She should have been more worried about her safety. Reyes being mad at her didn't give him the right to grab her throat or hair or punch a wall beside her head. It was classic abusive behaviour, but oh no it was just brushed off as Reyes being scared and worried.

Ugh, just fucking ugh. It was one rule of him and another for Charley, he was allowed to lie, keep secrets, and risk his life and Charley just had to be cool with it. But she wasn't allowed to do any of that without Reyes getting violent or sulky about it.

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He knew she was stupid and impulsive, especially when she was curious. Didn't he think it would be safer to simply tell Charley what he was up to than hide it from her and have her end up in danger? It almost read like he was purposefully not telling her stuff just so she could do something stupid and endanger herself.

He was a bigger, fatter liar than she was, they both hid things but he had WAY more secrets than Charley. Him acting like Charley was the dishonest liar in the relationship was fucking ridiculous. Her clumsiness was downright stupid and incongruous, it didn't fit with her being a super, awesome, shiny, light bulb god. I just can't picture super powerful beings who are able to destroy all kinds of evil being defeated by a rusty old well. He's one of many slave demons whereas Reyes is the son of Satan and one of a kind.

It makes no sense that Osh would suddenly be made more powerful than Reyes, no matter how old he is. Didn't they keep attacking Charley in the last book? I think I need to skim the last one because I'm sure I remember them biting her and fighting her. Beep's barely a few days old and she already has a creepy old guy as a love interest!

First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones--Audiobook Excerpt

Charley had some sort of premonition in which she said Osh would love Beep when she was older and that he would be the one who would tip the balance as to whether Beep could destroy Lucifer and save the world. He's even older than her centuries old dad and has seen and experienced countless things and done so much evil.